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Ronnie K. Sikka

Neck Pain

"I came into Progressive Chiropractic for a quick fix. I had a lot of neck pain and just wanted to feel better. Through the years my neck has gotten worse and worse, to the point that just driving my car would put me in a lot of pain.

I had no idea that if I kept going in on a regular basis, my neck would feel so much better. Chiropractic helps with long time problems and prevents further injury. Most people don't realize this."

Charlene Lasater
Everett , WA

I Can Sing Again

"I experienced a sense of happiness and regained my singing voice after losing it 13 years ago. My neck was subluxated causing pressure on the nerve that goes to my voicebox. Awesome! Chiropractic has improved my life in every aspect."

Josh H.
Everett , WA

Lower Back Pain & Headaches

"I was having lower back pain and severe Headaches before I started going to Progressive Chiropractic. After just a few adjustments, I haven't had any pain what so ever."

Kathy Sorenson
Everett, WA



This young man was involved in a motor vehicle accident and suffered neck and lowback injuries. Looking a the before x-ray, he suffered from a 16 degree scoliosis. After only 9 weeks of care, his condition improved 88%. He now only has 2 degrees of curve. He no longer suffers from Scoliosis!

Neck, Shoulder Pain & Headaches

"Before I came to Dr. Ronnie Sikka, I hurt in every joint. I had severe neck and shoulder pain plus headaches. I had no energy. I wanted to sleep all the time. I was a couch potato. After 3 weeks of treatment, I no longer have neck and shoulder pain. My headaches are gone and my joints are pain free. He instructed me on exercise and diet. Now I am eating much less, but healthier. I walk 3 miles a day and at 65 I feel like a new person. I feel like I am 40! I cannot believe the difference this has made in my total health. Dr. Ronnie Sikka is a caring, dedicated doctor who gives his patients the knowledge and understanding of Chiropractic so that we can live a better and pain free life.

I will forever be greatful to them for my recovery both mentally and physically. They gave me my life back!"

Nonie H.

Lower Back Pain

"I avoided coming to a chiropractor, as I had hoped conventional treatment/medication would improve my lower back pain. What I found, is that frequent visits have worked wonders and alleviate the severe discomfort. Having less pain has enabled me to keep working and avoid long absences from work. I've tried lots of Physical Therapy, Medication etc…, but continued chiropractic care has proven the most beneficial, as only an adjustment has enabled the locked muscles to move again."

Robin S.
Everett , WA

Automobile Accident - Neck & Shoulder Pain

I have been in a head-on car accident about six years ago. I had physical therapy following the accident for about three months and no treatment of any kind since then. I suffered from neck and shoulder pain. I could not stay up too late as fatigue made my pain even worse. I was irritable and negative.

I was driving by Progressive Chiropractic one day and decided to find out what could be done about my pain. They were able to explain to me the causes, the effects, and the solution to my problem. They gave me a choice that day whether to feel better short-term and keep coming back when the pain was unbearable or to attack the source of the problem and live a healthier life both physically and mentally. I chose the latter.

Within a week, my pain lessened substantially and, most amazing of all, my vision improved drastically. I wear contact lenses and when I was fatigued, my vision worsened at the same time. I was about to get new and stronger sets of lenses when I noticed clearer and sharper vision during that first week of treatment. I ordered new sets of contact lenses a couple of weeks later, but they were of the same strength!!! Now, I am more energized, less irritable, virtually pain-free, seeing like an eagle, and most important of all, I better enjoy my life. Thank you for helping me get a part of my life back.

Steve J.
Everett , WA

Chiropractic is Great


"I was first hesitant about going to the chiropractor, but with their warm and friendly service I'd wish I would have gone sooner. Now I'm feeling better than ever."

Vichet S.
Everett , WA

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